A design, build, and research project to study how visitors at science centers understand data visualization techniques.
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About the
xMacroscope Platform
The xMacroscope is an open-source software and technology platform. It will allow us to build science center exhibit experiences that let visitors construct visualizations using their own experiences.
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Data Visualizations
The xMacroscope is not only an exhibit interactive, but also a powerful tool for understanding how visitors interact with the exhibit.
Age-Time Heatmap
Age/time comparison using combined data
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Height-Time Heatmap
Height/time comparison using combined data
Open in New Tab Height Time Heat Map
Interactive scatterplot visualization to visualize data across event datasets
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Scatterplot Matrix
Interactive scatterplot matrix comparing time, height, and age group
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xMacroscope is a
partnership between:
Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana
Creativity Labs
University of California
Irvine, California
Center of Science and Industry
Columbus, Ohio
Science Museum of Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
New York Hall of Science in Corona
Corona, New York